What is our Metaverse?

The FFS Metaverse will be a digital playground where collectors and sneakerheads from all over the world come together. An exclusive community with limited access that turns the principles of the offline world upside down. Buy, collect, swap, trade - anything is possible in our digital ecosystem.

How sustainably do we produce?

We only produce what is ordered by the community. This means no product and material surpluses. Furthermore, we do not use any materials of animal origin. The SEED.ONE will be a customised & personal item made uniquely for you.

When will my sneaker be delivered?

Since we only produce on demand, each product will take up to 6 months to complete. This allows us to ensure an optimal balance between product quality and sustainability. The first drop “SEED.ONE” is expected to be
delivered between 04/2022 to 06/2022. We will keep you posted about the progress on a monthly basis anyway.

How does the SEED.ONE fit?

Our sneaker is a normal fit. Please choose your regular shoe size.

When and how will I receive my NFT?

All buyers get notified within 2 weeks after closing of the pre-sale window and receive detailed instructions on how to get the NFT.

Will FFS manage my NFT?

FFS NFTs are managed on non-custodial wallets. The provider of such a wallet is MetaMask, for example. You can either use your existing wallet or create a new one. More information about supported wallets and how to get your NFT will be announced in time. This means that your NFT will be on your own wallet.

Will more NFTs be issued?

The issuance of additional NFTs is directly linked to additional sneaker releases. For general releases, we will issue more limited NFTs to new prospects. However, only community members who already own an FFS NFT will have access to exclusive collaborations and limited editions.

Can I transfer my subscription rights to friends?

Yes, this is possible. The easiest way is to use the transfer function on OpenSea to transfer the NFT to the destination wallet address.

Can I sell my NFT?

You can offer and sell your FlowersforSociety NFT on the OpenSea marketplace at any time. However, with the sale you will lose the subscription rights associated with the NFT. Soon, we will also open our own Flowers for Society marketplace, which will be linked to your customer account.

On which blockchain is the FlowersforSociety NFT based?

The FFS NFT is based on the ERC-721 standard and is created on the Polygon blockchain. Polygon is a Layer-2 blockchain and compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. Polygon was chosen because of its low transaction fees and scalability.

Is the creation of our NFT energy efficient?

The Polygon blockchainis based on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism and is considered energy efficient. For comparison, Polygon consumes approximately 0.00079 TW hand the Bitcoin Blockchain based on Proof-of-Work (PoW) annually up to approximately 132.12 TWh.

Can I cancel my purchase and can I still keep my NFT? What is your returns and withdrawel policy?

Please note that we are unable to accept any right of withdrawal from you for customised & personal items as these are made uniquely for you. These items can only be returned to us if there is a manufacturing defect.

Have any questions?

Drop us a message at: support@onvrtkl.com